As a network for urban practitioners and professionals, we are open to new collaborations. Our platform provides a valuable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and collectively work towards inspiring positive change in urban environments. 

Our network is founded on the principles of co-creation, peer learning and interdisciplinary approaches. We work locally and globally, uniting professionals, researchers, activists, and creative thinkers from various disciplines to challenge traditional urban practices and design processes. We invite everyone to become part of our network and contribute to a more sustainable and thriving approach to urban transformation.

Collaboration partners

all cities are beautiful →  
Anaïs Alfieri
Ana Revazishvili
Anastasiia Zhuravel 
Andrea Conte 
Anton Kuzmin → 
Assemble Berlin →

Bui Luu Quynh Nguyen →

C-SPACE Berlin →
Catherin Schöberl →
Center of Contemporary Art → 
Cindy Menassa-Kuelby →
Confronting Monuments
Cristian Doroftei

Dasha Podoltseva
Daniel Fennell
Denis Esakov
Dighomi Meadows

Elene Kenia
Eva Holts
EVZ Foundation →   
Evgeni Dause →

Fabio Peixoto
Fabrika Hotels →  
Fem_arc_collective → 
Feminist Park Collective → 
Flicka Lindemann
Fundacja EMMA: Aleksandra Bolek & Ewa Suchożebrska →

Guerilla Architects →
German Federal Foreign Office →

Haus der Statistik →

Impact Hub Tbilisi →
Institut für räumliche Resilienz →

Jian Luo →
Jeremy Knowles →

Karl Michael Drohsel
Katya Golotvina
Katya Romanova
KIEZ:MOBIL Weißensee Berlin →
K.I.E.Z. ToGo →
Kulturfabrik Moabit →

Laura Sobral →
Leah Hamilton
Liang Zhenru →
Loukia Batsi
Luana Thor
Luigi Barraza Cardenas

Magdalena Patalong
Matthias Einhoff
Maria Cecilia Daniele
Mariam Shergelashvili
Maya Esakova
Melina Daphne Papageorgiou →
Michał Romaniuk
Michael Brummer
Michael W Mehaffy
Miodrag Kuč 
Moritz Ruben Hahn →

Nutsa Lomsadze
Nor Greenhalgh →
National Trust of Georgia →

Offener Kanal Europa →

Philippe Nathan →
Prinzessinnengarten Collective in Neukölln →
Placemaking Europe →

Radical Care Lab →
Rada Leu

Sara R. Ahmed
Sarah Carrington 
Sofia Korotkevych
Sophie Dilg
Sveta Gorlatova
Studio Weißensee →

Thomas Martin
The Laboratory of Critical Urbanism →
The Line Project →
Tbilisi Architecture Biennial →

Veronika Andres
Vinzenz Aubry →

Wato Tsereteli →
Wrocław Institute of Culture →
Weißensee erzählt seine Geschichte(n) →

Yanru Chen →

ZK/U →