Urbanization: Architecture in Action

by Karolina Michelle Makaya

The students of the Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic ventured outside the university walls to create a lively and welcoming public space, simultaneously laying the foundation for an active youth community in architecture and urban planning.

Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, faces several challenges in architecture and urbanism. The city lacks suitable avenues for informal architectural education, and there is a noticeable dearth of knowledge and skills among its citizens in this area. Additionally, the community’s efforts have been limited, primarily involving older generations, which necessitates change and rejuvenation.

Project Goals

Yard Renovation

Renovate the university’s yard by incorporating ideas and proposals from the students through workshops. This space will serve as a multifunctional area for gatherings, events, relaxation, and, potentially, classes.

Zonal Development

The project intends to positively impact zoning and create changes in the surrounding area, which includes historical university dormitories. This project can serve as a pivotal first step toward overall improvement.

Project results

The project successfully achieved its goals, creating a vibrant and active youth architectural and urban planning community. In the Oleksandrivsky area, a new and inviting public space has been established, enhancing the quality of life for the local community.

Several professional experts contributed to the project, enriching its outcomes. “In the heart of Zaporizhzhia’s Oleksandrivsky area, we celebrated the successful conclusion of our transformative project” – says organizer Karolina Michelle Makaya. The university yard was now a vibrant, inviting space, thanks to the hard work of students from the National University Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic. This gathering marked the end of our six-stage journey, leaving a lasting impact on our city and possibly reaching beyond its borders. Professional experts enriched our efforts, and we looked forward to the future, seeing the renovated yard as a symbol of positive change in a once-neglected area. With gratitude to all participants, we left the event with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation, ready to continue shaping Zaporizhzhia’s architectural and urban landscape for the better.