Hovering Across Time: sound sculptures

by Daeun Joo, created within the audiolab Common Futures

Hovering Across Time focuses on specific sites in Berlin and Chișinău that have lost their previous roles. 

Sound sculpture representing Berlin contains the soil and sound collected from where once Berlin Wall and Death Strip stood. Sound sculpture representing Chișinău contains the soil and sound collected from where once Jewish historical sites were, including Choral Synagogue and Jewish Ghetto.

By juxtaposing past images along with present sounds and soils of specific sites in each city, the project tries to travel between times. The role of site changes as the history of humankind flows, and two cities together hover around the chronology of history1 beyond their physical distance.

  1. *Jews were once the largest population group living in Chișinău. During the Holocaust, concentration camps were established in Chișinău. After World War II, Germany was divided into West and East Germany, and the Berlin Wall was erected. ↩︎

Photos: Jeremy Knowles, Katya Romanova