The Babushka project: documenting voices of grandmothers in Moldova and Germany

by Mihaela-Ștefania Turchină, Anna Cijevschi, Hannah Elisabeth Alongi, Pavel Trukhanov, created within the audiolab Common Futures

How often are you able to hear the untold stories of the people around you? Are you curious about the hopes and dreams from someone of a different generation?

The Babushka Project set out to document the life stories of our eldest generation, with the aim to preserve a perspective so often overlooked. We have captured reflections on familial ties, childhood joys, and the landscapes that shaped the memories of these five grandmothers living in Moldova and Germany; each with their own unique journey through time.

Public Conversations

This archival initiative hosts public interventions across cities, providing a platform for meaningful dialogue between generations. This endeavor seeks to cultivate a broader circle of ideas, a shared contemplation on the past, present, and future and serve as an inspiration for the younger generations to engage in enriching conversations with their elders.

“I find it fascinating that she takes great pride in her grandchildren. I also find it amusing that she, for herself, prefers to stay at home and rules out going to foreign places. She doesn’t believe there could be anything as good as home there.”

“I wish for the future that there’s more social/transformative justice. That means for me that we find a system that is not based on oppression of other humans and non-humans. I hope our society will become less racist, less heteronormative and less transphobic.”

“I hope that people will get to grips with shaping the future in such a way that everyone can live well. And that the problems that exist globally right now will be solved step by step. I am very optimistic that there will be enough forces to tackle this and turn it around for the better.”

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The Babushka Project encourages the preservation of the past as a deliberate step towards a more intentional future. Join us in contributing to this reservoir of knowledge by celebrating the wisdom of grandmothers all over the world.