Post-Colonial Food Talks & Walks

Last September, reimagine your city team went to the Europe Lab 2023 in the Netherlands, a social laboratory and networking programme on the topic of the legacy of colonialism in Eastern and Western Europe, organised by Civil Society Forum. As a result, we connected with other inspiring participants and developed a series of events, uniting […]

Hovering Across Time: sound sculptures

The project focuses on specific transformed sites in Berlin and Chișinău — places where once Berlin Wall stood and where once Jewish historical sites were, including Choral Synagogue and Jewish Ghetto. The role of sites changes as the history of humankind flows, and two cities together hover around the chronology of history* beyond their physical distance. →

Listening with ghosts: performative ghost walk and soundscape

Through interactive ghosts walks in Chișinău and Berlin, the artist and performer Lindi Dedek explores questions such as what is a ghost and how does it relate to us? Were cities ever made by or for humans? Can sound unlock the portal to non-human perceptions? →

eat borders: sound and dining installation

eat borders is a sound and dining installation that invites participants to reflect upon the radical potential of the garden and the practice of gardening in the city.
A table gathers together five stories that are accessible by text, audio, and food. The stories collectively analyse the concept of urban gardening by deconstructing some of the conventional ‘borders’ that are imposed upon gardens and which keep the practice of gardening in a rather dormant state. Such borders deny gardening its potential as a transformative force within the city and future cities for nurturing sustainable, edible, and solidary environments. →